RancherOS with FreeNAS or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Docker Compose

Ever since FreeNAS 10 came out and burned me, I switched from using old-fashioned jails to the new docker experience. While the docker experience was great, FreeNAS 10 left a bad taste in my mouth. Begrudgingly, I switched to FreeNAS 11 which has no docker support. I had just spent most of my time switching […]

CyanogenMod 12 on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

I wanted to give a little tutorial on how to install CM12 on the Z3c and the current status of the phone. I’ll hopefully update this post in the future for more bugs listed as the ones on XDA aren’t very current or accurate. Step 1: Download the latest ADB drivers. Go here to download the […]

TextSecure: Unregistering from CyanogenMod

So a couple of days ago one of my friends went all tinfoil hat and deleted their Facebook, ditched gmail for a squirrelmail installation on a *nix server, and started using TextSecure for Android. For a couple of days I had one sided texts going to my friend assuming that they just weren’t responding. When […]

KDE 5 On Arch Linux

I recently installed Arch Linux on my Macbook Pro due to Ubuntu being too buggy (random crashes and freezes, no kernel panics). I’ve found Arch Linux to be incredibly stable and haven’t had a single problem. Now, since Arch is very similar to my old favorite linux distrobution, gentoo, I’ve found myself faced with the […]