TextSecure: Unregistering from CyanogenMod

So a couple of days ago one of my friends went all tinfoil hat and deleted their Facebook, ditched gmail for a squirrelmail installation on a *nix server, and started using TextSecure for Android. For a couple of days I had one sided texts going to my friend assuming that they just weren’t responding. When I finally talked to them, they said that they had been sending me text messages via this Android app called TextSecure and their client was saying that I used the service. The problem was, I never used TextSecure. However, a couple years ago I did sign up for secure messaging in CyanogenMod’s ROM. So my friends texting client was encrypting data and sending it to my phone via data push and it was just getting lost in the ether. Solution? Install TextSecure! Wrong. When I tried to sign up for TextSecure I got a message saying that in order to have encrypted communication I needed to unregister from CyanogenMod’s WhisperPush servers. So I googled around assuming I’d find a website where I could simply turn it off but that wasn’t the case. There were some links where people were using ADB to get a shell into their phone, cat the encryption keys, then use a curl request to disable it. I was still in a predicament because the phone I was using CM with was years ago and I don’t have it anymore. So behold, a developer created a ruby program that sends your phone a identification token and then you use the program to disable the CyanogenMod WhisperPush servers.



Here is how you can use the program to unregister:


Enter into a shell on your *nix computers (sorry Windows, it’s just easier…)

brandon@melchior$ git clone https://github.com/daveio/whisperpush-unregister.git
brandon@melchior$ cd whisperpush-unregister

This will download the repository onto your computer.

brandon@melchior$ ruby whisperpush_unregister.rb --mode getconfirm --phone-number +1

Obviously, you will want to enter in your phone number and change the country code if applicable. Once you get the confirmation code on your phone, run the next command with the code.

brandon@melchior$ ruby whisperpush_unregister.rb --mode unregister --phone-number +1 --code

Voila! Wait a couple minutes then try to register with TextSecure again. It took maybe 5 minutes for mine to complete. The github repo hasn’t been updated in 5 months and the script did give me an error but it did however compeltely successfully so I would just ignore it as long as it works. Hope this saved at least 1 person the headache I had with trying to get TextSecure to work.

6 thoughts on “TextSecure: Unregistering from CyanogenMod

    1. Honestly, it’s been so long that I don’t remember what that script does. I don’t ever recall getting an actual notice sent to my phone about unsubscribing from whisperpush, it just worked. Hope this helps!

  1. Dude, I’ve looked all over the web for how to finally be able to use TextSecure again and this method is one of the very few that remotely addressed the issue, and the *only* one I found that actually worked.
    Thank you! You are awesome!

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